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Christmas is not just a one-day event in fact we all are waiting for a series of the events to celebrate multiple things. Before Christmas, the Halloween excitement is at its best and everyone wants to look different and attractive on this occasion.

Here we got you the Sally Nightmare before Christmas makeup tutorial. In this tutorial you will get to learn the makeup application step by step. From the cleansing to base or foundation and ultimate final touching. Let’s start the tutorial! 

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Step 1


Clean up the skin with a good cleanser and apply the makeup cream to protect your skin.

Step 2

To get the base dark color you need to use the face paint of blue shade. Spread it on your face evenly just to give a tint on the skin. 

Step 3

Apply the while powder on the paint to give it a rotten blue shade. 

Pro Tip:

Make sure to keep the tone balanced well on the whole face, neck line and arms or the areas that will be exposed. 

Step 4

Now start with the eyes, use the dark blue eye shadow for the outside on top and beneath the eyes. For the upper eye use a lighter blue. 

Step 5

Apply the black liner on the lower eye line and top it with a tint of white pencil. 

Step 6

Now its turn to apply the liner but it’s not in the usual style. You need to draw the crack eye effect using the eye liner. Draw lines from the eye line to the upper area, four to five vertical lines on the eyes. 

Step 7

Now pick up the brown tint lip color and get a balanced quote on the lips. 

Step 8

Pick up the liquid eye liner and draw a horizontal line from the side of your lips and make crosses on this line to give a stitches look.

Step 9

Use the liner to draw a line from the left side of your forehead towards the right top of the eye. Connect the line beneath the eye and stretch it to right cheek bone. 

Step 10

Make small crosses on the line to give it a stitches look on the face. 

Step 11

Now get some more face paint of the blue color and add it to the upper cheek area below the eyes. It is to darken the blue color and eliminate the paleness. 

Step 12

Now it’s time for the neck, take the liner and draw three lines – two around the neck circle and the third one vertical to intersect the below circle line from the middle towards the cleavage. 

Step 13

Make small crosses on these lines just like the above one to give them a stitches look. 

Step 14

Now use mascara to give volume to the eye lashes and highlight them to the best.

Step 15

Apply the mascara to the below lashes as well to give them a volume. 

Step 16

Take an under wig cap to cover your hair and then put the red shade hair wig on. 

Hurry! You are all set for the Halloween party. 

Extra Tips! 

  • Make sure you are using the skin friendly face paint 
  • Apply the tint and color evenly but leave the pale patches to give a balanced rotten look 
  • Try to use waterproof products so you can actually survive rain or water attacks as well 
  • Use a makeup spray to give it a cover for longer time 
  • Remember not to use the excessive makeup in the overall look as this can make you look too loud 
  • It’s always good to avoid any fillers or artificial add on to enhance you look but make it even and balance using the casual and normal makeup kit that you have. 
  • To remove the makeup later you can use the best quality makeup remover and there will no skin damage for sure. 
  • In case you want to try any other hair color or look you are free to pick up the color and style of your choice 

Bottom Line:

The sally nightmare before Christmas makeup tutorial is easy to apply and good for the beginner profile as well. You can do it yourself easily at home and make your own sally nightmare look. 

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