Best Christmas Makeup Sets ( Makeup Kits And Palettes Of 2020 )

Best Christmas Makeup Sets Kits and Palettes of 2020


Makeup is a girl’s best friend. Makeup helps one create different looks using different products that gives them confidence. It is a way to conceal the imperfections and face the world out there with confidence and pride. Most women peel empowered with makeup which makes it one of the best gifts to give to girl/woman for Christmas. Plus a makeup diva would never say no a makeup kit.

Since everyone doesn’t really know about make so we here are Christmas Makeup decided to help you out with the search the best christmas makeup sets. Here is a list of the best makeup kits and palettes that you can gift someone this Christmas.

Maùve Professional Makeup Kit

1. Maùve Professional Makeup Kit

The Maùve Professional Makeup Kit is like one of the best makeup kits available in the market as it has everything that one needs to get all dolled up for every occasion.

It also travels friendly so if you are planning on talking about a road trip then this compact kit comes with a wide range of colors and a mirrored palette. It is like the perfect Christmas makeup set.

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SHANY The Masterpiece 7 Layers

2. SHANY The Masterpiece 7 Layers

SHANY is one of the most popular makeup brands. It has some amazing makeup kits available and the SHANY The Masterpiece 7 Layers is no exception.

It is like the one of the best makeup gift sets 2020. It contains the perfect collection of shades from eye shadows to lip palettes which makes it versatile and extensive.

But the best part is that everything is fitted perfectly in that compact design making it so easy to access all at the same time

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Pure Vie 132 Colors All in one Makeup Gift Set

3. Pure Vie 132 Colors All in one Makeup Gift Set

If you are looking for a compact, box-shaped makeup kit that is like the full-package deal this is extensive Pure Vie All in one Makeup kit is the best option for you.

When we say that it has everything we refer to the fact that it comes with 132 different colors/shades which makes it super versatile. You can easily create your very own blend of foundations by mixing up different shades.

Some of the plus points are that it is cruelty-free and definitely travel-friendly. If you want to gift it to someone then this would make a great Christmas makeup gift sets.

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MehronStarBlend Cake Makeup All-Pro Makeup Kit

4. MehronStarBlend Cake Makeup All-Pro Makeup Kit

Mehron makeup products are simply unquestionable. The brand has 90 years of experience in the industry which makes it totally trustable. Plus with that much experience we all can agree that it is suited to provide some really great products.

Mehron has made it easy for its customers to get all baked for Instagram glam photos with this amazingStarBlend Cake Makeup All-Pro Makeup Kit. It is available in 5 different colors to choose the one that goes with your skin tone the most. It is one of the best makeup gift sets 2020.

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BENEFIT COSMETICS Beauty Blowout! Makeup Set

5. BENEFIT COSMETICS Beauty Blowout! Makeup Set

Benefit makeup products are quite remarkable with this perfect formula which easy blends in with the skin making is effortless for everyone to apply makeup on a daily basis.

You might not like to put on makeup for work but you for sure are going to put some on for you date night. This amazing Benefit glam kit is like a starter pack and contains all the essential products that you will need to get all glammed up.

Plus it comes with a makeup bag as well so you can carry it with you in your bag as well. It definitely is one of the best Christmas gifts for makeup lovers.

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Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look in a Palette

6. Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look in a Palette

When it comes to makeup, there are two things that we tend to focus on; the face and the eyes. If you have the right foundation on and those classic smoky eyes then you are all set to rock the dance the floor.

This Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look Palette comes with different shades for every skin color along with the black that you can use to adjust the base for your nighttime endeavors.

It is foldable and comes with a mirror as well which makes it super versatile for a night out. All makeup lovers would love to have this as makeup gift set for Christmas

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Smashbox Try It Kit: Halo - Fair

7. Smashbox Try It Kit: Halo – Fair

Looking for an instant polished finish? Well if you have an extensive collection of makeup products then that instant look is something you can say goodbye too because oh boy!

We can’t keep it all instant when there are too many options. But with the Smashbox Try It Kit you can get all glammed up anywhere. It comes with a BB cream and Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder.

You can use them separately or mix it up for a more glammed look. Add it to the Christmas makeup gift sets for the makeup dive in your group and she will definitely look it.

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UD Moondust Palette

8. UD Moondust Palette

Honestly, eyes are the first thing that most people notice first when they see you for the very first time which is why many makeup artists tend to focus a lot on their eyes with their amazing makeup skills.

In order to carry out your makeup skills you definitely need an eye palette which is nowhere close to ordinary.

This UD Moondust Palettecomes with glittery eye shadow shades which are rich and pigmented and an attached mirror which makes it perfect for travelling. It is a definite go for the Christmas makeup gift sets.

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GraftobianCreme Foundation Super Palette Makeup Kit

9. GraftobianCreme Foundation Super Palette Makeup Kit

If you haven’t found the right foundation shade for your skin tone and often find it hard to look for the two that would make the perfect blend then look no further because this amazing and extensive GraftobianCreme Foundation Super Palette comes with a wide range of foundation shades.

You can easily combine multiples at a time to create the perfect one for your skin tone. Use them as concealers for a creaseless finish. It is definitely like the best makeup gift set 2020 for all makeup lovers.

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Ulta Beauty Makeup Set

10. Ulta Beauty Makeup Set

Looking for a compact, travel sized makeup kits that you can fit almost anywhere?

Well, look no further because this Ulta Beauty Christmas Makeup Set comes with 40 different pieces, each equipped to fulfill your makeup needs which you are on the road.

From eye palette to foundations to lipsticks to brushes, it has it all packed up in just one makeup kit.

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The ULTIMATE KIT is like an all-in-one kind of Christmas makeup set that offers everything from foundation and face powder to eye shadows and brushes.

The best thing about the makeup set is that all the products contain natural organic minerals which makes them completely chemical free. You can use anything to create that flawless look.

Plus it is suitable for all skin tones as well so you won’t have to go look for the perfect shade anymore. Definitely would make a great Christmas makeup gift sets.

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Cle de PeauBeaute Kit

12. Cle de PeauBeaute Kit

Cle de PeauBeaute Kit is compact, basic makeup kit with mascara, an eye and cheek color palette and a richly pigmented lipstick for your everyday look.

With this makeup kit at your disposal, you can create flawless look almost anywhere. This makes it a great makeup gift set for Christmas.

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Final Words:

There are so many great palettes that you can invest in but we here at Christmas Makeups believe that these are the best out of them all and quite affordable as well. So choose the one that suits you the most and give it a try. Let us know in the comments below how it turned out!

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